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How did living patterns change in cities during the industrial revolution...

How did living patterns change in cities during the industrial revolution?
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Base your answer to this question on the passage below and on your knowledge of social studies. at tenochtitlán, the aztecs perfected an unusual method of farming. they built huge rafts, covered them with earth, and floated them on the lake. on these chinampas, or "floating islands," they grew enough maize and vegetables to feed their expanding population comfortably. eventually roots from the tree rafts attached themselves to the bottom of the shallow lake to become permanent foundations for – lois athey which conclusion is best supported by the information in this passage?
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Two police officers stopped a car for a minor traffic violation. while one of the officers dealt with the driver and the traffic violation, the other officer talked with the passenger. seeking to question the passenger about gang involvement, but lacking reasonable suspicions of criminal activity, the officer ordered the passenger out of the car. as the passenger exited the car, the officer saw a bulge in the passenger's coat which the officer suspected might be a gun. upon patting down the passenger, the officer felt the handle of a revolver and removed the gun. the passenger, who was a convicted felon, was charged with the possession of a gun by a prohibited possessor. prior to trial, the defendant sought to suppress the gun as evidence, contending that its seizure was unconstitutional. should the court suppress the gun as evidence? ayes, because, since the car had been stopped for a traffic violation, the officer could not order the passenger, who had not committed the violation, to exit the car. byes, because, since the officer lacked reasonable suspicion that the passenger was engaged in criminal activity, the officer could not pat down the passenger. cno, because a valid traffic stop gives an officer the right to pat down a passenger. dno, because the gun was discovered as a consequence of a valid terry stop and frisk.
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If you rub a balloon on a piece of fabric or carpeting and then hold it against your head, your hair can stand on end. use what you have learned in this lesson to explain why this happens.
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4. write short introduction to aaran and jaanto technology.​
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How did living patterns change in cities during the industrial revolution?...

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