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There are different types of correlation one can use based on the types...

There are different types of correlation one can use based on the types of variables being examined. When conducting an analysis, when do you need to use spearman’s rho instead of pearson’s r ?.
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In the kingdom of saudi arabia the government controls every aspect of oil production which makes up the majority of the country's economy. while other businesses are owned by individuals, the biggest segment of saudi arabia's economy is oil production. saudi arabia's economy would best be described as a) entirely market. b) almost entirely command. c) a mixture between just market and traditional. d) a mixed economy with large amounts of command.
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Sara and her friends were at an iowa football game in iowa city. sara is a life long resident of iowa and goes to college at dmacc. while she was in iowa city, robert smashed into her car when he ran a red light. sara was seriously injured and taken to university hospitals in iowa city (fortunately her injuries were not life threatening but laid her up for a long time and she had to drop out of college for the rest of the semester). robert is from michigan and was in iowa city to see the game and then to party later. at the time of the accident robert was drunk (at least legally - he blew a 0.17 and the limit is 0.08). sara has sustained about $500,000 in damages between her current and future medical bills, pain/suffering, lost wages, etc. also her car was totaled in the accident. can sara sue robert in a federal court? explain why or why not. (be sure to mention the two primary factors associated with suing someone in a federal court in a case like this.)
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Which of the following situations best demonstrates the principle of separation of powers in the u. s. government? a. the president can veto laws passed by the legislature. b. the courts must approve constitutional amendments. c. states create their own educational policies. d. members of the legislature are elected by voters.
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Why does senior feel that the common goal of raising a child who is 'happy' is an unfair burden to place on both parents and their children?
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There are different types of correlation one can use based on the types of variables being examined....

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