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Economic ? question 2 (multiple choice worth 5 points) (05.02 mc) which...

Economic ? question 2 (multiple choice worth 5 points) (05.02 mc) which of the following statements is true of a traditional economy? people produce a variety of goods for local, regional, and global trade. people produce and consume only the goods they need. people produce goods according to the dictate of government. people produce goods in order to make a profit. question 3 which of these factors would be most effective in raising a coun
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How did north carolina’s constitution of 1868 affect women and free blacks? a. they were given the right to vote b. they were excluded from participation in government c. they lost economic power d. they were able to hold office if they owned property
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20 pointsyou don't need to cite anything, just make it flow better! ! guidelines where did the early christians meet? what were their activities and responsibilities? who were their leaders? what problems did they face? my essay. it is around 200 words, the ​goal for 250.the church has evolved over several centuries and generations. some of these changes are for the better, such as more people being to be able to worship freely, however, some of these changes were (and are) regretfully for the worse. such an example is the overcommercialization of the church to attract worldly people. overcommercialization causes christians to lose sight of what's important and focus on what's not. it also causes christians to sin just so the can attract a different kind of crowd. but it wasn't always this way. early christians faced more persecution, but that same persecution drove them closer to god. there was really focus on spreading the wonderful news of the gospel instead of hiding behind the things of this world. they would meet in synagogues and homes to share this message too. there was really focus on spreading the wonderful at the beginning of sharing the gospel, the responsibility fell on a few people to spread the word. the disciples were these messengers, along with jesus. the disciples also had the job of finding to spread the word.
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In griswold v. connecticut, on what did justice goldberg base his concurring opinion? the protection granted by the constitution the intention of the writers of the constitution the list of rights in the first eight amendments the human rights safe from government intervention
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How did the rise to power and reign of alexander most affect greece
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Economic ? question 2 (multiple choice worth 5 points) (05.02 mc) which of the following statements...

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