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How do you analyze a presidential debate?

How do you analyze a presidential debate?
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Read the sentence below, then answer the question that follows. penny learned tolerance after rahj explained the traditions of his family and their practice of indian traditions. the underlined word in the sentence above can best be defined as a. a fair and understanding view of those whose culture, race, or nationality differs from one’s own b. an understanding of a set of organized beliefs and practices that are often centered around one or more deities c. the linking of a group of people based on common characteristics such as culture, beliefs, or common history d. a classification based on inherited physical or biological traits
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Using the charts above which of the following matches the people with the set of laws they created
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Define production possibility curve
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Running and sleep. sufficient sleep is important for adolescents for both their neural and psychological development. despite this, daytıme sleepiness and poor physical and psychological functioning related to chronic sleep disturbances are common. there is a growing body of evidence that exercise is associated with both better sleep and improved psychological functioning sixty participants were recruited from a high school in northwesten switzerlandthey were randomly assigned to either a running group or a control group, 30 to each group the running group ran every moming for a little over 30 minutes on weekdays for a three-week period. all participants used a sleep log for subjective evaluation of sleep, and sleep was also objectively assessed at the beginning and end of the study using a sleep electroencephalographic device that measured quantities such as sleep efficiency and time spent in the four different sleep phases. running was found to have a positive impact on both objective and subjective measures of sleep functioning what are the explanatory variable(s) and the response variable(s)? (a) outline the design of the experiment (b) (c) here are some more details on the treatment and control groups. all participants arrived at school at 7 a. m., and the running group did two laps on the track and then ran cross countrv in groups of at least four people for 30 minutes the control group remained seated at the track, worked on horpework. and interacted with each other. when the runners returned, all participants prepared for school and ate a breaktast that was provided. iwhy do you think the experimenters had the control group arrive at 7 am interact withdassmates and have breaktast together? explain. do you think having the control eroup do these activities is important for the types of conclusion that can be reached? how?
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