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You have been given the task of working as an investigative reporter for...

You have been given the task of working as an investigative reporter for a tv show.

they are doing a show with special emphasis on the industrial revolution and its effect on society. there are several areas that the producers would like to focus on, several industries to which they want to pay special attention, and several inventors whom they feel should be honored.

your task will be to choose from the given selections an invention on which to focus, an industry on which you will concentrate, and a person about whom you will write. that actually makes three things to learn and write articles about. you will combine all three articles in one document. your choices are listed on the next screens.
first article:
* vacuum
* sewing machine
* automobile
* airplane

second article:
choose one of these industries listed below to research and write a news article. give a brief history of the industry and evaluate how the industry you selected both and harms people and the environment. discuss the industrial revolution’s impact on the specific industry. also, research “child labor” and “labor unions” and explain their impact on this industry during the industrial revolution. for information about these industries type in the key words “the history of …” and then the name of the industry. be sure to find and use at least two pictures to go with your article.

the steel industry
the transportation industry
the oil industry
the electrical industry
the technology industry

third article:
choose one of the inventors listed below to research. you will write a biographical article on this person. give background information on the person and discuss how the person made an important contribution to the world. research one or two of your person’s key inventions and explain its impact on life today. to find information about one of these important people type in the key words, “the biography of…” and then the name of the person. pretend you are nominating the person for a special award in your article.

thomas alva edison
alexander graham bell
henry ford
samuel morse
louis braille
mary anderson
willis carrier

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You have been given the task of working as an investigative reporter for a tv show.


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