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The elevation at the base of a ski hill is 350 m above sea level. A ski...

The elevation at the base of a ski hill is 350 m above sea level. A ski lift raises a skier (total mass=72 kg, including equipment) to the top of the hill. If the skier's gravitational potential energy relative to the base of the hill is now 9.2 x 105 J, what is the elevation at the top of the hill?
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There is a theory that indicates that dinosaurs became extinct when about 65 million years ago, a large asteroid hit the earth surface. dust caused by this collision blocked the sunlight reaching the earth's surface and many forms of life became extinct due to the cold. fearing this threat, how large the radius of an asteroid should you be looking for if the dangerous asteroid size is approximately the same as the one that killed the dinosaurs? available data suggests that about 18% of that asteroid's mass ended up as a dust spread evenly over earth after eventually settling out of the upper atmosphere. about 0.0180 g/cm^2 of dust, which is chemically different than the earth's rock, covered the earth's surface. typical asteroids have a density of about 1.9 g/cm^3. now that we know the size of the asteroid, how much energy was released during impact, assuming all of it was just the kinetic energy of the asteroid right before the impact?
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Aclass is designing an experiment about duckweed growing conditions. the hypothesis for the duckweed experiment is, “if duckweed is grown at ph 5, then it will grow at the same rate as when grown at ph 7, or normal ph, because it can tolerate mildly acidic environments.” identify the control group in this experiment.
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Cathy is pedaling down a steep hill on her bicycle and wants to be able to coast up the next hill, which is 25 meters high, without pedaling. cathy and her bicycle have a mass of 75 kg. assuming her bicycle is 100% efficient, what would her speed have to be?
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What is the force that opposes motion and works against the downward pull? a) friction b) gravity c) weight d) acceleration
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The elevation at the base of a ski hill is 350 m above sea level. A ski lift raises a skier (total m...

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