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What is the main purpose of tables and graphs?

What is the main purpose of tables and graphs? ​
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Excuse ! extra points plus ! super desperate ! the position of an object does not move relative to a reference point. relative to the reference point the object _. a.) is not moving. b.) is moving.
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In which of the following cases is work being done on an object? question 2 options: pulling a trailer up a hill carrying a box down a corridor suspending a heavy weight with a strong chain pushing against a locked door
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Debbie places two shopping carts in a cart corral she pushes the first cart which then pushes a second cart what force is being exerted
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Física: un futbolista patea hacia el arco con una velocidad de 15m/ah, calcular: a)el alcance para un ángulo de tiro de 25? , b) el tiempo que el balón permanece en el aire.
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What is the main purpose of tables and graphs? ​...

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