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Write the equation of the balance of torques

Write the equation of the balance of torques​
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You are about to throw a ball a with speed 12 m/s at a target that is 5.00 m above the level at which you release the ball. you want the ball's velocity to be horizontal at the instant it reaches the target. a) at what angle above horizontal must you throw the ball? b) what is the horizontal distance from the release point to the target? c) what is the speed of the ball just before reaching the target?
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The man of mass m1 and the woman of mass m2 are standing on opposite ends of the platform of mass m0 which moves with negligible friction and is initially at rest with s = 0. the man and woman begin to approach each other. derive an expression for the displacement s of the platform when the two meet in terms of the displacement x1 of the man relative to the platform.
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10 points! will mark brainiest! in a heat engine if 1,000 j of heat enters the system and the piston does 500 j of work, what is the final internal energy of the system if the initial energy was 2,000 j 1: write the equation2: list out your known variables 3: plug the numbers into the equations 4: solve 5: write your solution statement that includes initial energy and final energy added you so much!
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The california mussel (mytilus californianus) attaches itself to a rock or other solid surface with a bundle of filaments known as the byssus. imagine that 15.0 j of work is done to stretch the distal end of the byssus. it releases 10.8 j of thermal energy as it relaxes. what is the resilience of the distal end of the byssus?
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