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(a+b)²+4ab> -8b² jdjdjdjdjdjdkdkdk

(a+b)²+4ab> -8b² jdjdjdjdjdjdkdkdke​
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Prism m and pyramid n have the same base area and the same height. cylinder p and prism q have the same height and the same base perimeter. cone z has the same base area as cylinder y, but its height is three times the height of cylinder y. the figures and have the same volume.
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The correlation coefficient between two quantitative variables is approximately 0.04. what does the value of this correlation coefficient indicate about how well the model fits the data a. the correlation coefficient is not with in the correct range. b. the model is a good fit. c. no conclusion can be drawn regarding how well the model fits the data. d. the model is not a good fit.
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Can someone me with my math problems i have a bunch. i will give brainliest and lots of pleeeaaasssee
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What situation could this represent
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(a+b)²+4ab> -8b² jdjdjdjdjdjdkdkdke​...

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