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The equation of a line is x = -4 what is the slope

The equation of a line is x = -4 what is the slope
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Simonne used the following steps to simplify the given expression. 12 - 3(-2x + 4) step 1: 12 + (–3)·(–2x) + (–3)·(4) step 2: 12 + 6x + (–12) step 3: 12 + (–12) + 6x step 4: 0 + 6x step 5: 6x what property of real numbers was used to transition from step 3 to step 4? a. identity property of addition b. inverse property of addition c. associative property of addition d. commutative property of addition
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Can someone check if i did this right since i really want to make sure it’s correct. if you do you so much
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Aflexible pavement was designed for the following daily traffic with a 12-year design life: 1300 single axles at 8,000 lb each, 900 tandem axles at 15,000 lb each, 20 single axles at 40,000 lb each, and 200 tandem axles at 40,000 lb each. the highway was designed with 4 inches of hot-mix asphalt (hma) wearing surface, 4 inches of hot-mix asphaltic base, and 8 inches of crushed stone subbase. the reliability was 70%, overall standard deviation was 0.5, δpsi was 2.0 (with a tsi of 2.5), and all drainage coefficients were 1.0. what was the soil resilient modulus of the subgrade used in design?
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On the first of each month sasha runs a 5k race she keeps track of her times to track her progress her time in minutes is recorded in the table
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The equation of a line is x = -4 what is the slope...

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