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Why did the wall street market crash in america? how did the wall street...

Why did the wall street market crash in america? how did the wall street crash effect american society?
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The campaigns of frederick ii into italy freed northern italy from control of the papacy. united that country under a german emperor. touched off the hundred years' war. allowed german nobles to become independent.
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In the decision for dred scott vs. sanford, (1857) in which a slave petitioned for his freedom in a st. louis court, on the grounds that his owner had taken him into free territory, and thus he ought no longer be regarded as possessing "slave" status, but should be regarded as a free man, the court decided as follows (excerpt): "in the circuit courts of the united states, the record must show that the case is one in which by the constitution and laws of the united states, the court had jurisdiction--and if this does not appear, and the court gives judgment either for plaintiff or defendant, it is error, and the judgment must be reversed by this court--and the parties cannot by consent waive the objection to the jurisdiction of the circuit court. a free negro of the african race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves, is not a 'citizen' within the meaning of the constitution of the united states. when the constitution was adopted, they were not regarded in any of the states as members of the community which constituted the state, and were not numbered among its 'people or citizen.' consequently, the special rights and immunities guarantied to citizens do not apply to them. and not being "citizens" within the meaning of the constitution, they are not entitled to sue in that character in a court of the united states, and the circuit court has not jurisdiction in such a suit. the only two clauses in the constitution which point to this race, treat them as persons whom it was morally lawful to deal in as articles of property and to hold as slaves. since the adoption of the constitution of the united states, no state can by any subsequent law make a foreigner or any other description of persons citizens of the united states, nor entitle them to the rights and privileges secured to citizens by that instrument." why does the court say that the petitioning party in this case had no right to sue for his freedom? a) because he is too young b) because he is from a different state c) because he is "of the african race" with enslaved ancestors d) because he is, properly speaking, within his owner's jurisdiction
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This excerpt reveals that elinor is select all that apply
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The line dividing regions 4 & 5 on this map is known as the "fall line." which of these represents an important factor of the fall line in georgia history? a) it was the first boundary of the georgia after it became a state. b) it was an important source of power due to a change in elevation. c) it was once home to major cities that have since become abandoned. d) it was a dividing line between the united states and native american territories.
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Why did the wall street market crash in america? how did the wall street crash effect american soci...

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