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How did the constitutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of...

How did the constitutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of slavery?
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Read the excerpt and place the events below in april 1607..the six and twentieth day of april…at night, when we were going aboard, there came the savages creeping upon all fours, from the hills, like bears, with their bows in their mouths, [who] charged us very desperately in the faces, hurt captain gabriel archer in both his hands, and a sailor in two places of the body very dangerous. after they had spent their arrows, and felt the sharpness of our shot, they retired into the woods with a great noise, and so left us. …the seven and twentieth day…we came to a place where they (natives) had made a great fire, and had been newly roasting oysters. when they perceived our coming, they fled away to the mountains, and left many of the oysters in the fire. …thirtieth day, we came with our ships to cape comfort; where we saw five savages running on the shore…the captain called to them in sign of friendship, but they were at first very timorous (fearful), until they saw the captain lay his hand on his heart; upon that they laid down their bows and arrows, and came very boldly to us, making signs to come ashore to their town, which is called by the savages kecoughtan…when we came over to the other side, there was a many of other savages which directed us to their town, where we were entertained by them very kindly. (george percy) now place the events below in order: options: while exploring to try and find the native's village, they discover the village and are met with friendship, rather than being attacked. while exploring the stumbled upon a group of natives roasting oysters, who fled after seeing the colonists. percy, and his fellow colonists were attacked by the natives in an ambush but repulsed by the shot of the colonists.
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Nhis essay about the atomic bombing of japan during world war ii, a student has used statistics he found in an article in the online archives of the irish times. the article is from may 5, 1997, and is called “cancer finding in hiroshima.” there is no author given. how should the student cite this source using mla citation format?
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How did the constitutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of slavery?...

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