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The ability to control fire hominids adjust to colder climates. true or...

The ability to control fire hominids adjust to colder climates. true or false?
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Match the vocabulary term with its meaning, bound to the land; were the lord's 1 bailiff 2. freemen property advisor to the lord; head of manorial court could leave the manor if found 3. revee 4. sert better land and were accepted by another lord managed finances, oversaw peasant work for the lord mediator between peasants and higher officials 5. steward mext guestion ask for turn it in
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Which statement about the early relations between european settlers and american indians is most likely true? a. the settlers cooperated with the american indians because they needed the american indians’ to survive. b. the american indians refused to provide food to the settlers because the settlers frightened them. c. the settlers won the american indians’ approval by promising to teach them the english language. d. the settlers paid the american indians to construct homes for them.
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Which of the following is an example of the pull factor known as economic migration? a. better educational opportunities pulling people towards a new country b. mexican laborers entering the us to work in agricultural jobs c. joining family members that are already in a new country d. crop failures driving people away from their country i am unsure on this question, i was thinking b? but i could be wrong.
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Us troops at omaha beach met steph resistance from german gum employment placement until warships began shelling the germans select true or false
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The ability to control fire hominids adjust to colder climates. true or false?...

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