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How many years does senator terms last

How many years does senator terms last​
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Which statement would best conclude an evaluation of dan deluca's argument in "dylan's nobel prize settles debate: rock lyrics are poetry"? deluca shows an impressive knowledge of the entire range of dylan's creative output. overall, deluca's wide-ranging evidence will prove that rock lyrics are indeed poetry. i find the examples of internal rhyme to be the most convincing evidence deluca offers. deluca calls on novelists and a us president for their opinions of the nobel committee's decision.
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When lincoln was first elected president, he hoped to prevent war by allowing (1) in the united states.
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Most members of the socialist party of america believed that the government should protect workers by: a.) operating big businesses. b.) outlawing strikes. c.) outlawing unions. d.) all of the above.
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How many organized territories did the united states have in 1850
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How many years does senator terms last​...

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