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True or false the difference in television coverage of male and female sports...

True or false the difference in television coverage of male and female sports is an example of sexism
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Sleep paralysis. so this is something i’ve dealt with for most of my life (i’m 15) and i’m pretty sure my first sp was when i was 9. and it’s usually the usual i’m not able to move anything except for my eyes, and it’s so hard to breathe (feels like someone’s pushing hard on my chest) and then i hear someone whispering and then i can move and then have to essentially wake up because i won’t be able to go back to sleep. but recently. and i mean it’s happened twice now and it’s not even been a week. where i suddenly wake up like a noise woke me, but then soon realize i’m not able to move and i sleep on my side that doesn’t face the wall and i have a desk that is on the same wall as my bed but farther off in the room. and i see myself sitting in the computer chair. like me. but as soon as i see (myself) it spins around and faces me and just stares at me for a good 2-3 minutes. and then it is that i realize that it’s got cold eyes instead of my normal eyes. and for one it’s absolutely creepy to be able to see yourself move without you ya know and secondly i kinda feel threatened to be honest. it’s happened 2 times now and i noticed the 2nd time (me) stared at my paralyzed body for about a minute longer then the 1st time. i just wonder if anyone else experienced anything like this because i’ve never had this happen before. and i’ve told my close family and they just shrugged it off and said i’m just having bad dreams again, but my computer chair is facing my bed when i come back into my room? and i know usually these are hallucinations but nothing’s changed in my life to cause a sudden anxiety or stress spell so i don’t know. and i know what bad dreams feel like and sp is waay worse then a bad dream. you can’t be awake to be having a bad dream
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Achild was brought to the hospital with complaints of fever. the vital signs of the child show a temperature of 102° f. on diagnosis, the child is found to have developed exanthema subitum. which drug administered to the child with this communicable disease reduces the body temperature?
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Ms green is at checkout window of your busy orthopedic office . her charges for today are $125.00. her group insurance pays 75% of all usual and customary charges and she has a $50.00 co-pay. she has not met her deductible for the plan year. what does she owe for today’s visit?
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Signs of a sprain might include: a deformed appearance immobility a grinding sensation swelling
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True or false the difference in television coverage of male and female sports is an example of sexis...

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