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Maggie typically gets A's and B's in all her classes, but she is struggling...

Maggie typically gets A's and B's in all her classes, but she is struggling with her geometry class and currently has a C. She is so worried her parents and teacher will be
disappointed in her that she is staying up late each night to study, even though the material still does not make sense. Which of the following could most effectively help
Maggle manage her stress?
She could copy her friend's homework and turn it in as her own so she has time to go to Zumba class.
She could discuss the problem with her parents and take weekly bike rides with her mom to share her math progress.
She could ask her teacher for easier assignments and quizzes so her afternoons are free for snowboarding.
She could skip her geometry class and take a relaxing walk.
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Maggie typically gets A's and B's in all her classes, but she is struggling with her geometry class...

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