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Read the excerpt from warriors don't cry. cameras flashed, bright lights...

Read the excerpt from warriors don't cry. cameras flashed, bright lights stung my eyes, and reporters asked lots of questions for the next half hour. many of the reporters asked the attorneys what they planned to do to get rid of the troops. and questions were directed to elizabeth. she seemed shy about answering, but with mrs. bates's , she forced herself to say a few words. eventually, however, questions were directed to all of us. my heart raced with fear and anticipation as i observed the process. i was almost hypnotized by the wonder of it all. what is the author’s purpose for including these details?
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Has anyone taken the voices of modernism (1920s to 1940s) unit test? ? i really need read the following sentence. the cars passing by are filled with commuters. identify the present participle in the sentence. a. by b. are c. passing d. filled
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What is in his westrose president lincoln central claim in the speech
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The major was a little man with upturned mustaches. he had been in the war in libya and wore two wound-stripes. he said that if the thing went well he would see that i was decorated. i said i hoped it would go well but that he was too kind. i asked him if there was a big dugout where the drivers could stay and he sent a soldier to show me. i went with him and found the dugout, which was very good. the drivers were with it and i left them there. what effect does hemingway’s limited use of adjectives have? it slows down the narration by interrupting the action. it makes the few descriptive words he does use more vivid and forceful. it makes the narrator seem powerless and insincere. it prevents the readers from filling in the details with their own experiences.
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Read the statement while people must take responsibility for their own actions people cannot be held responsible for the physical characteristics are born with which statement most similar to perspective in the lliad
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Read the excerpt from warriors don't cry. cameras flashed, bright lights stung my eyes, and reporter...

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