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David is the best kid in the third grade. He is friendly and kind to everyone...

David is the best kid in the third grade. He is friendly and kind to everyone, and the teacher likes him because he knows all the answers in every subject. He always gets a perfect score on tests and gets chosen first for sports teams. I always tell people what a great guy he is. Plus, he is really cute. I think that runs in our family or something. He should definitely be elected class president. I can't imagine anyone else who would be as perfect for the job. After all, I was president when I was in third grade, and I could give him some pointers. Why does the speaker most likely have such positive things to say about David?
She is his sister.
She is his teacher.
She is running for class president.
All of these
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David is the best kid in the third grade. He is friendly and kind to everyone, and the teacher likes...

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