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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? the aliens suffered from exhaustion...

Which sentence is punctuated correctly? the aliens suffered from exhaustion, after traveling several light years. they needed some relaxation, when they finally landed their spaceship. after they rested a few days, the aliens revived sufficiently to explore. they needed all their energy, once they started hiking the rough terrain.
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The excerpt is from a longer essay on huckleberry finn by mark twain. what kind of support is used to develop the writer's main idea regarding how twain brought his characters to life?
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In this excerpt from phillip freneau's poem “american liberty,” the speaker describes being “slaves and minions to a parliament.” what is the intended meaning of this hyperbole? and should we now when spread thro' ev'ry shore, submit to that our fathers shunn'd before? should we, just heaven, our blood and labour spent, be slaves and minions to a parliament? perish the thought, nor may one wretch remain, who dares not fight and in our cause be slain; a. the speaker feels that the colonists should pay their share of taxes. b. the speaker believes that the british government is broken and should be fixed. c. the speaker thinks that the colonists are being unfairly treated by the british government. d. the speaker intends to lead a slave revolt against the british government.
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The know-nothings had foolish ideas. write a paragraph about a good idea for america. make sure to do the following: write the title correctly; clearly indent the first line; keep even margins on both sides of the paper, and maintain even spacing between words and sentences.
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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? the aliens suffered from exhaustion, after traveling severa...

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