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5. unes 73-77: are yoni and serge communicating well with

5. unes 73-77: are yoni and serge communicating well with
evidence supports your view
6. lines 83-100: what do sergel's actions tell you about his personality how
sergei's actions contrast with yoni's first impression of sergel what is the erect
7. lines 104-113: what is an example of understatement in these lines. what does
this tell you about sergei's character?
8, lines 124-127: explain what new information is revealed about sergei's character
in these lines.
9. lines 135-150: what do sergel's first two wishes reveal about his character? how
are these wishes like his reaction when yoni looks at hus goldfish? how are the
wishes different from his reaction?
10. lines 135-144: what technique does the author use to tell us about sergei's
wishes? what effect does this have?
11. lines 159-166: what type of relationship do sergei and the goldfish have? what
evidence in the text reveals this? what does this say about sergei
12. línes 176-181: why does yoni think the arab he finds is perfect for his film?
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5. unes 73-77: are yoni and serge communicating well with
evidence supports your view

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