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Which two sets of lines in this excerpt from john milton's paradise lost...

Which two sets of lines in this excerpt from john milton's paradise lost show that satan acknowledges the goodness of god, despite his claim that god is a dictator? into our room of bliss thus high advanc't creatures of other mould, earth-born perhaps, not spirits, yet to heav'nly spirits bright little inferior; whom my thoughts pursue with wonder, and could love, so lively shines in them divine resemblance, and such grace the hand that formd them on their shape hath pourd. ah gentle pair, yee little think how nigh your change approaches, when all these delights will vanish and deliver ye to
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Read the following excerpt from string by alice childress: maydelle. oh, look at you. if you had a nice suit perhapsnone of this would have happened. joe. l. v. got a nice suit, he got maybe forty nice suits andhe live in a pretty white house with a lawn in the front of it... but he cheatswhich statement best explains how the author uses symbolism in thisexcerpt? a. joe stands for the general turmoil that followed the years after thecivil rights act of 1964, which included riots and assassinations. b. with his combination of nice clothes and immoral behavior, l. v. represents the price some african americans paid in order toescape poverty. c. by describing l v.'s clothes in the same breath as his evilbehavior, joe points out that l. v. is only good on the outside, noton the insideod. the tension between joe and l. v. culminates in a physicalaltercation that is only broken up when the women in the playintervene.​
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Which three parts of this passage from chapter 6 of emily brontë's wuthering heights show that hindley earnshaw did not care about the well-being of catherine and heathcliff after the death of mr. earnshaw? they both promised fair to grow up as rude as savages; the young master being entirely negligent how they behaved, and what they did, so they kept clear of him. he would not even have seen after their going to church on sundays, only joseph and the curate reprimanded his carelessness when they absented themselves; and that reminded him to order heathcliff a flogging, and catherine a fast from dinner or supper. but it was one of their chief amusements to run away to the moors in the morning and remain there all day, and the after punishment grew a mere thing to laugh at. the curate might set as many chapters as he for catherine to get by heart, and joseph might thrash heathcliff till his arm ached; they forgot everything the minute they were together again: at least the minute they had contrived some naughty plan of revenge; and many a time i’ve cried to myself to watch them growing more reckless daily, and i not daring to speak a syllable, for fear of losing the small power i still retained over the unfriended creatures. one sunday evening, it chanced that they were banished from the sitting-room, for making a noise, or a light offence of the kind; and when i went to call them to supper, i could discover them nowhere. we searched the house, above and below, and the yard and stables; they were invisible: and, at last, hindley in a passion told us to bolt the doors, and swore nobody should let them in that night. the household went to bed; and i, too, anxious to lie down, opened my lattice and put my head out to hearken, though it rained: determined to admit them in spite of the prohibition, should they return.
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When doing a close reading, what is involved in the process of annotating a text?
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Which is easier to identify direct or indirect characterization? why​
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Which two sets of lines in this excerpt from john milton's paradise lost show that satan acknowledge...

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