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// to kill a mocking bird

justice for most people in the novel...

// to kill a mocking bird

justice for most people in the novel means doing what is fair or right according to

question 13 options:



the us constitution

the town charter

question 14 (1 point)
which of the following are parallels in the novel?

question 14 options:

atticus and scout fighting tradition to maintain their individual identities

tom robinson and boo radley being outcast from society

both a & b

none of the above

question 15 (1 point)
why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird?

question 15 options:

they are a sacrifice

they are the state bird of alabama

they’re so much like humans

they don’t bother anyone

question 16 (1 point)
which character is most like a mockingbird in the metaphorical sense?

question 16 options:

atticus finch

boo radley

tom robinson

scout finch

question 17 (1 point)
after reading the entire book, which of the following words best describes scout?

question 17 options:





question 18 (1 point)
an example of a dynamic character in the book is

question 18 options:




aunt alexandra

question 19 (1 point)
the courthouse square was covered with picnic parties sitting on newspapers, washing

down biscuits and syrup with warm milk from fruit jars.

in which sentence does the word parties mean the same thing as in the sentence above?

question 19 options:

my uncle jordan earns money by working at a clown at children’s birthday parties.

mom says my sister will not do well at college if she parties too much on weekends.

several other parties of four were waiting to be seated ahead of us at the restaurant.

both the democratic and republican parties have been strongly criticized for their positions on the issue.

question 20 (1 point)
choose the best cause for the behavior (motivation) of each character listed.

question 20 options:

family pride


desire to die free


moral responsibility

fear and shyness



bob ewell


aunt alexandra


miss stephanie

boo radley

mrs. dubose

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// to kill a mocking bird

justice for most people in the novel means doing what is fair...

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