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What are the uses of activity series

What are the uses of activity series​
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The crust of earth may a- continets and ocean floors. b-continents only. c-layers of sedimentary rocks and continents. d-all of the above
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Asolution contains 225 g of sodium chloride, nacl, dissolved in enough water to make a 0.25 l of solution. what is the molarity of the solution? a. 3.88 m, b. 1.03 m, c. 1.5 m, d. 15.5 m
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Need on both questions will markbr />
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Apiece of copper has a temperature of 75.6 0c. when the metal is placed in 100.0 grams of water at 19.1 0c, the temperature rises by 5.5 0c. what is the mass of the metal?
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What are the uses of activity series​...

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