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Acompany in san francisco uses petroleum products to make plastics. arrange...

Acompany in san francisco uses petroleum products to make plastics. arrange the sentences in the correct order to show how the company could be contributing to climate change. burning fuel releases greenhouse gases. higher air temperature causes ocean water to evaporate more rapidly. greenhouse gases trap solar radiation and warm up the atmosphere. the company burns fuels to make plastic. the amount of water vapor in the air rises, which further increases the air temperature.
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Quickly! brainliest if two people answer! 1. the blood has red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. red blood cells carry oxygen to other cells in the body. cells need oxygen to live. white blood cells destroy certain germs. they protect our bodies from disease. which question is answered in this paragraph? (a) what is the role of blood vessels? (b) what type of cells are attached to bones? (c) what type of blood cell to clot your blood? (d) what are the different types of blood cells? 2. which sentence from the section "stem cells" best explains the role of stem cells? (a) when one kind of cell stops working, stem cells can . (b) they can turn into that cell and take its place. (c) scientists are studying new ways to use stem cells. (d) these cells can people heal faster. 3. read the selection from the section "nerve cells." nerve cells send messages to the rest of our bodies. these messages move between the brain, spinal cord and various organs. nerve cells are also called neurons. fill in the blank. a "neuron" is a (a) cell that moves information from the brain to other parts of the body (b) stem cell that has both an axon and a dendrite (c) cell that controls the fingers of a body (d) cell that makes up the spinal cord 4. some muscles in our body move without us telling them to. these are called involuntary muscles. some examples are the cardiac muscle cells inside the heart. these cells the heart relax and fill with blood. what is the best definition of "involuntary" based on the context clues? (a) something that happens on its own (b) trying hard to do something (c) something moving back and forth (d) easily moved
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What is the overall order of reaction for rate = k[no]2[o2]
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Ascuba drivers air tank contains oxygen, helium, and nitrogen at a total pressure of 205 atmospheres. the partial pressure of nitrogen is 143 atmosphere, and the partial pressure of helium is 41 atmosphere. what is the partial pressure of oxygen in the tank?
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Select the correct answer. when carbon dioxide dissolves in water, it sometimes reacts with water to form carbonic acid as in this balanced equation: co2 + h2o → h2co3. if 495 milliliters of carbon dioxide at 25°c and 101.3 kilopascals reacts with excess water, what is the theoretical yield of carbonic acid? use the periodic table and the ideal gas resource a. 0.889 g b. 1.10g c. 1.27g d. 2.02g what's the answer! quick!
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Acompany in san francisco uses petroleum products to make plastics. arrange the sentences in the cor...

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