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Whose job is it to release the carbon that remain in the bodies of dead...

Whose job is it to release the carbon that remain in the bodies of dead organism
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How can you keep track of variables in a science experiment?
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Part a - prefixes, roots, and suffixes match these prefixes, suffixes and roots to their meanings. phospho- angio- -uria -tropic -phag- a. the word root means blood or lymph vessels. b. the word root means urine. c. the word root means feeding or eating. d. the word root means phosphate or phosphorus. e. the word root means attracted specifically to the specified organ or tissue. part b – match these vocabulary terms to their meanings. gonadotropic polyuria angiotensin ii polyphagia phosphodiesterase upon the release of renin, is produced and stimulates vasoconstriction and the release of aldosterone. fsh and lh are examples of hormones, which target the ovaries or testes. an enzyme that degrades second messengers like camp or cgmp is . overproduction of urine, or , is a sign of diabetes mellitus. overeating, or , is a sign associated with diabetes mellitus.
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There are many different fields of science, each with its own methods of investigation. in which field of science would a field study of volcanoes or other landforms most likely be conducted? (1 point) biology chemistry physics geology
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African penguins, which inhabit the coasts of southern africa, were classified as an endangered species in 2010. two significant threats to their survival are ecosystem damage from oil spills and overfishing by humans. overfishing depletes the food supply of african penguins. the best method to reduce the threat of overfishing would be to . the risk of oil spills could be reduced by increasing the use of , which should oil consumption. if an oil spill does occur, could be used to remove the oil so the ecosystem may more quickly recover.
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Whose job is it to release the carbon that remain in the bodies of dead organism...

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