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Why are the sepals and petals referred to as "accessory parts" of the plant...

Why are the sepals and petals referred to as "accessory parts" of the plant?
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Explain why these steps are bypassed; that is, why gluconeogenesis is not simply a reversal of the reactions of glycolysis. Be sure to describe the thermodynamics of the reactions, and the two reasons behind the thermodynamics.?
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With the description of the different cell walls, membranes, and associated proteins set in the students' minds, you now need to introduce them to the idea that the cell wall can also act as a foundation to build things upon. bacterial appendages require a strong foundation that will offer the support needed to move and function in a dynamic world. for example, flagella are long, whiplike protein structures that are used by many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for locomotion. in order to function effectively, a flagellum must be firmly anchored to the cell wall. how will you be able to get across the idea that the peptidoglycan cell wall is strong enough to support such a mechanism? with a protein rod that passes through the cell wall and protein rings used to anchor it in the membranes, these basal bodies are the rudimentary biological motors that use atp power to spin the hook and the flagella attached to it. bacterial flagella have a biological motor that spins within the cell wall and is powered by atp. this allows the flagella to spin in a whiplike motion to propel the bacterium.
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Nasa scientists must work together to make sure that everything is correct and accounted for when launching a shuttle. besides a physicist, what other type of scientist would be in making sure that the shuttle has the appropriate type and amount of fuel to reach its destination?
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Use the phylogenetic tree to the right to determine which statement below is true. organisms a and f are not related. organism e is more closely related to organism b than organism f. organisms c and d are more closely related than organisms a and b. phylogenetic trees
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Why are the sepals and petals referred to as "accessory parts" of the plant?...

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