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Question 1

which of the following represents the initial reason...

Question 1

which of the following represents the initial reason why nato was formed?

a. to provide for the mutual defense of any member nation against an attack by a non-member

b. to form an agreement between western democracies never to declare war on each other

c. to stop the united states from interfering in the rebuilding of european nations' militaries

d. to force the soviet union to form the warsaw pact for common defense of communist nations

question 2

which of the following represents part of the reason the united states was interested in supporting the economies of europe with the marshall plan?

a. the united states feared that europe would lose control of its colonies and this would cause war.

b. the united states wanted to use it to force european countries to join organizations like nato.

c. the united states wanted to promote the rebuilding of europe to prevent the spread of communism.

d. the united states needed europe to be economically stable enough to participate in the korean war.

question 3

use the following post-world war ii poster published by the european recovery program (erp) to answer the question below:

this is a color propaganda poster supporting the united nations. it shows a working windmill with the flags of the un countries as the blades of the fan.
public domain

what is the best interpretation of this poster?

a. to win the cold war, all european nations must cooperate.

b. with the united states as the core, europe can regain political momentum.

c. european nations should collectively reject the marshall plan.

d. under the marshall plan, the u. s. and european nations can cooperate to rebuild europe.

question 4 (worth 5 points)

why did the allies consider the league of nations when developing the united nations?

a. the allies wanted to understand clearly the weaknesses of the league.

b. the allies thought it would be best to recreate the league because it worked so well.

c. the allies believed that the united nations should also be based in geneva.

d. the allies understood that the united nations needed to celebrate the league's success.

question 5 (worth 5 points)

what was the combined effect of both the un universal declaration of human rights and the nuremberg trials?

a. they started the cold war between the u. s. and the ussr

b. they led directly to war on the korean peninsula.

c. they codified international humanitarian law.

d. they divided germany into eastern and western parts.

question 6 (worth 5 points)

use the map below to answer the following question:

this is a map showing the korean peninsula divided as it was after the end of world war ii. the northern portion is shaded orange and is labeled north korea. the southern portion is shaded blue and is labeled south korea.

which of the following reasons best explains the division of the korean peninsula after wwii as shown?

a. the chinese communist government had moved their troops to the 38th parallel in korea during the war and taken control of the northern part of the country.

b. the defeat of japan led to the division with a soviet backed communist government in the north and a u. s. backed democratic government the south.

c. the south koreans had fought on behalf of the allies during wwii while the north koreans had fought on behalf of the axis powers.

d. the united nations charter of 1945 called for the division of the country into a democratic north and a communist south.

question 7 (worth 5 points)

why was west germany accepted into nato in 1955?

a. to counterbalance the western european alliance

b. to convince east germany to join nato

c. to respond to stalin's direct threat to attack west germany

d. to prevent communism from spreading to west germany ***

question 8 (worth 5 points)

which of the following is a result from the potsdam conference?

a. the soviet union gained direct control over polish territory and were given responsibility for administering its government

b. the borders of poland were redrawn to reclaim territory lost during the war to both germany and the soviet union

c. the polish government signed the warsaw pact with the soviet union to better defend themselves from western europe

d. the soviet union was forced to repay the polish government for the loss of military equipment during the invasion of 1939
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Question 1

which of the following represents the initial reason why nato was formed?

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